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Not possible create radio

Not possible create radio

Hi guys,

My radios are gone in all my devices. I can play as playlist but without the radio functions





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Hey @user-removed! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Be aware that this issue is already under investigation. 

Be sure to check this Ongoing Issues thread out for more details about it. ^^



Can I get more information about this as well, the link you posted is about people having playlist issues on Xbox One


I'm on PC (win10) and I can no longer create radio stations. When I goto an artist and select 'Go to Artist Radio' it just brings me to a playlist


The link you provided no one is talking about that issue, as far as I can tell

Hey @Orfieus and @user-removed,


We are currently looking into this. Until then you can go to the settings and enable Autoplay. That way any album or playlist will continue playing as if it's a Radio station.


If you are experiencing the issue that the button to create a Radio station is missing, feel free to contribute here.


And for any further questions, please let us know!


Have a nice day.

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