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Not receiving notifications of ANY new music by artists I follow


Not receiving notifications of ANY new music by artists I follow


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Hey everyone! We have looked into these reports extensively to see if there’s any issue with notifications. 

We can provide a bit more insight into this. First of all, there are caps on the number of notifications a user gets. If you’re following a large amount of artists it’s possible you could hit this limit some days. 


Second, very occasionally we have server issues. You may have seen a tweet from@SpotifyStatus letting users know "We are aware of some service issues and are working on a fix". This can sometimes interfere with notifications going out on that day.​


However, these should not be affecting the majority of users when it comes to notifications. If you’re receiving only a handful of notifications per day, and continue to miss notifications on a frequent basis please let us know the following:


1. The artist/ album/ song just released. 

2. Where you expected the notification (in the app, via email).

3. Did the notification arriving late or simply never arrive?

4. How many people/ artists are you following? 

5. How many notifications do you get per day on average? 


Thanks for your feedback everyone!


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I got this when contacting @spotifycares

"Hi there! We're no longer sending notifications for every new release. If you're opted into New Music email notifications, you should receive one email a week that highlights new releases from the artists you follow alongside a link to your Release Radar playlist. This is the best place to see all new releases from the artists you follow /SC"


So I guess they no longer send out push notifications and you have to "opt in" for email ones 😕

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Me too. Last notification is from 12 days ago. Has it something to do with the latest update?

The notification system of new material by an artist a user is following has always been somewhat random. I have received notices of new albums by artists I am following, and I have had albums by artist slip through unnoticed until I check those artists profile pages to see if new material was added. For example I am following the artist Crowbar and I received notices of the new single and then when the new album dropped of it's release with an auto notice. I am also following Crosby, Stills, and Nash as well and when their artist page was updated to reflect that their classic second album Deja Vu was added to their artist page and available I did not get a notice. I also did not get a notice when the artist page for KISS was updated as well and had to manually check it to add in three new added studio released albums Creatures of the night, Psycho Circus, Monster, and the Kiss-40 year anniversary compliation album. So the notice system has been somewhat hit and miss at least for me from time to time. My last new notice of new material is 13 days ago, but I have gotten new notices of users subscribing to my created playlists.


A good resource to use is for new releases is and both sites do a decent job, just make sure you are checking your area availability of those releases first. Spotimy has a pull down selection area sort of hard and small to see somewhat centered on the top of the page next to their banner to select your country you are in. Pansentient has their country selection right on the sort option tabel. Hope this helped somewhat.


I follow about 1,000 artists, and I used to receive an alert every day or so. The notifications worked fine for me until I had my Mac repaired (logic board replaced, etc.) a few weeks ago. Then the notifications stopped. The list of artists I follow is still intact, but the notifications have stopped. Further thoughts? 

Hum you might try doing a fresh clean reinstall, since you have had repairs done. Some files could have gotten corrupted associated with just the spotify app. Maybe some seasoned Mac users here might have a better idea. That is all I can suggest. Using those website resources for new releases and then comparing who you follow might narrow down if it is just a corrupted file in the spotify app or just a random non notice of the new release from a followed artist.

No no, I use spotify on 3 different machines and on my mobile. I haven't got any notification since 12 days and used to get them almost everyday like dazimmerman.

Yes it's a buggy feature which doesn't cover all new releases from followed artists 100 procent but this silence is different. 

Well I have nothing else, I got a New Notification as I loaded my app earleir so it is working at least on my end. So I do not know if it is just a random thing the developers are doing with certain users to test and fix something or just a random issue of it not working in certain areas. Maybe one of the beta testers who sees this thread can later on poke someone on the Dev team to take a peek at it and see?

Same for me too. I use spotify on Mac, PC and Mobile. On none of them I receive nots for new releases. Really annoying!!

These resources are useful. Thanks. They don't solve my problem, but I'm glad I found out about them. 



I'm having the same problem. All of a sudden no notifications...


Can Spotify support please help/comment?

Yes, same problem here. It's now 14 days and counting since I received any new music notifications.


I tweeted @SpotifyCares a week ago regarding this; they suggested logging out and in again...didn't work. Then they tried a little maintenance on my account...didn't work. Then they said they'd investigate further, and for me to get back to them in a few days if there was a change; this was on May change yet.


In a disappointing decision they've recently limited the maximum number of notifications to the latest 20. I wonder if them altering this has something to do with the problem.


In what I think are related issues:


I have a 200+ song playlist of tunes that are not yet available in the UK; a number of them (usually about 10) sync each week as they're released...none have synced for two weeks now.


Also the number of tracks that sync when I log-in have drastically reduced. Aren't tracks supposed to sync every 30 days? I'm not sure they are. There is a track I on my iPod Touch which has become unavailable today; it should have vanished from my PC's still here.


There's obviously a problem somewhere. I've noticed a couple of people have contacted @SpotifyCares today about this; suggest everyone does the same.

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I used to receive notifications for all artists I follow. Recently, there've been a couple of hiccups where I'd receive notifications about albums that a) released a couple of years back and b) were already available in the artist's library prior to Spotify sending out the notification. So there wasn't anything new about them.


I manually browsed through some artists' libraries just now and found out that they had new albums out that I was not notified about, even though I'm following those artists. I need this feature to work like it used to. Please fix it Spotify.

This is so annoying because it's one of the main reasons I liked Spotify so much.  It's now been 14 days since I received a notification and I KNOW I've missed some since I used to get a notice every other day or so and I've found some on my own.  I'm also not sure it's working 100% on mobile either since I only received a single notice there.

Do you have a link to theis thread you are talking about?

Received a reply from @SpotifyCares saying they're currently looking into the issue.

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Another tweet:



ConceiveDeceive We've passed this along to our Tech team. It should be sorted out soon.


Sounds promising.

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Awesome! I hope they solve it soon. Same as everybody else in this thread I don't receive notifications for new music, only when playlists I follow are updated.

Me too! It's been 2 weeks!

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It is currently broken it appears, it has been reported to the Spotify guys - just waiting for it to be fixed!

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