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Not receiving notifications of ANY new music by artists I follow


Not receiving notifications of ANY new music by artists I follow

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I follow about 50 friends/ artists, and I don't recieve any notification whatsoever regarding new album or music releases. I have turned on all notifications ( I use ios app and also spotify on 2 desktops). It's basically pointless for me to follow artists right now:/

Spotify seems to be trying to shove Pop, and only pop that sells millions, down our throats. Whether we like it or not. Music coming out from artists we love, is now ignored and we receive no message about it at all. We have to search hard to find our musical tastes.

Browsing through "New" is an excursion through justin bieber and the likes (sorry had to throw up) where it could be a complete list of everything "new".

Then when I peruse through a Spotify playlist, I see that all songs in the list were added only a few hours ago - but in fact 99% of the songs have been sitting there for donkeys years. When I klick on one of your playlists, I only want to see what has been newly added. Hard to find when they all have the same date and time code.

I have absolutely no idea who is following me or my playlists anymore.

The lyrics have been removed (most of my music never had lyrics up in the first place).
I see people asking for background from the artists themselves about their albums - which also would be really great. 

But first, bring back the features that we have learned to appreciate. These are all functions that contribute to the experience of music. And don't tell me that it is all about slimming down the software or some such... We all also know that Spotify chokes and dies at least once a we are used to deficits in the software.


This exact same thread has been spun over and over and over and it seems condescending of you to say "Yes, we know but don't care."! If you don't want to be the cool guy amongst the streamers, then hey keep going and we will all start looking for other streaming companies with better functions.

Where can new releases by artists I’m following be found? There was a convenient bell that was done away with. Then there was the Spotify web app which still had the bell but it now appears to also be gone. Then there was the instructionsfor settings which worked for a time but no longer appear to be working given I haven’t had an artist update in weeks. Nothing should be this difficult. Does Spotify provide artists alerts for new releases and if so where can the information be found? I'm following 2500 artists and I'm not recieved any emails in weeks.

I have the same issue.

1. Ty Dolla $ign/ Back Up (feat. 24hrs) - Single/ Back Up (feat. 24hrs)

2. Expected a notification by mail (we can get them on the app?)

3. It never arrived I had to find out there was a new song by myself

4. 20-30?

5. I receive one once a month maybe lol

Hey @2020star @astraidos @shaddyjeanty


Please vote for this idea and post there you'd like desktop notifications back.


I suggest for you to check for notifications of your followed artists.

Companion for Spotify also works for Windows 10, which is also available as an Android app.


Hope it helps. 🙂

osorniosSpotify Star
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Hey, I'm following a ton of artists, but I get absolutely zero notifications by email or otherwise about new songs. I'm sure it hits the limits some days, but not EVERY day. What could the problem be?

The problem could be they don't want you adding to your playlists. Like a cable provider slows your internet because it's cheaper for them. First the eliminated the icon and then they were sending emails and now you get nothing. I've asked the customer service department a dozen times over weeks and all you get is we hope to have it back soon or check which isn't convenient. Apparently Spotify doesn't care about its subscribers wants or preferences.

I have not been getting notifications on new music by the bands I follow this has been going on now for several months with only merchandising news being received I am following quite a few bands does this make a difference I really enjoy Spotify but it makes it very difficult not having this information in email form
Please advise

Not had any since November 10. A fresh update on this if it's a major bug or issue you're still looking into would be useful at least. Right now you're just leaving yourself open to people ascribing more nefarious reasons to it.


Even then, rather than clogging up our inboxes, would it really be that hard to give us back our old loved notification bell? Might stop a few of us searching 'how to migrate Spotify playlists to Google Play' and cancelling our subscription.

If anyone does help you let us all know. I have asked the question a dozen times only to find those tasked with replying at Spotify offer no help. They seemingly don't use Spotify or have any ability to answer the simplest of questions no matter how you ask it or how often. They just don't care. They had a great system and did away with it. It's called a simple bell icon that alerts you. Apparently they don't want you listening to your favorite artists they only want you listening to those artists someone decided are trending or popular. That's not what I signed up for. I'm guessing it's not what others signed up for either.

The information provided by Meredith is incorrect. I have over two thousand artists I’m following and I’m not getting any notifications despite confirming the settings and providing the information in 1-5. I was getting many notifications now its ZERO. No one got back to me.

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I got this when contacting @spotifycares

"Hi there! We're no longer sending notifications for every new release. If you're opted into New Music email notifications, you should receive one email a week that highlights new releases from the artists you follow alongside a link to your Release Radar playlist. This is the best place to see all new releases from the artists you follow /SC"


So I guess they no longer send out push notifications and you have to "opt in" for email ones 😕

And it looks like they've also got rid of the email alerts for every new release, and now just give us the weekly email and Release Radar both of aren't as comprehensive or as simple to use as an alert. Lucky our phones don't do the same with phone calls and messages.


That's most likely me and my subscription off then. What a strange and stupid way to operate... wait until you have more competitors than before, (one of whom is an utter behemoth,) then start stripping away features and functionality used mainly by the users paying the premium for your service.

Dear Ozzed, we don't receive any emails about new releases either. No push or email since November 2016. The release radar does not, in any way shape or form replace a notification (push or email). It only hints at some new releases for some of the bands that I follow. Its true, you can inform yourself about all the new releases coming at Record Bird. Then you can write every single last one of them down and keep klicking for weeks, or months even, in spotify until the new release is also released on spotify .

So, that is not what I signed up for. Little yellow notes stuck all over my computer...

Spotify does not care. I think their service stinks and if anyone knows of a better streamer, one that has all sorts of obscure new alternative music, let me know. Look at us here, talking amongst ourselves to find solutions to problems. And if we attempt to contact spotify itself, all you get is a "not yet".


Everyone can ignore the info from Meredith...from 2014...that has been accepted by...? a solution.

The info is both old and incorrect.

A solution has not been found and they dont seem to be looking for one...

I agree. It seems they don't want you know what your artists are coming out with so they won't have to pay them. The want you to play the same 50 artists every commercial radio station is playing so they only have to pay them. It defeats the whole purpose of having a streaming subscription and yes their customer service is abysmal. Are these real idiots that can't comprehend your question or former avatars form Ashley Madison. We invest a lot of time setting up our streaming service. As much time as I've when I have the time to look for one that has artist alerts I'm dropping my Spotify subscription. It's hard to stay loyal to a service that sabotages your ability to get what you signed up for. It's like signing up for high speed internet and getting dialup. There is a work around though it is tremendously time consuming. The bell icon was the best. Every time you logged on it was like you had something new in your stocking. Now it's more like coal at Christmas.

Hi Spotify


1) I haven't received any notification of any kind from Spotify for now months.


2) I don't know how many artists I follow, but a lot. I often hit the max saved songs and I have to unsave old tracks and albums to keep saving new songs in my library.


3) I have a premium account, and the least would be to know the new albums out of the

artists I follow









Hey @Misterio,


I suggest for you to check for notifications of your followed artists.


Companion for Spotify also works for Windows 10, which is also available as an Android app.


Hope it helps. 🙂


osorniosSpotify Star
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No thank you. The service that I am paying money for should be letting me know when music I like comes out on Spotify. Spotify makes money off music and in this case selling me the music I like. When I am not told that Music I like has arrived on Spotify then the service is unsatisfactory - to put it politely.

Music is unfortunately not released simultaneously and spotify seems to have a lag that sometimes, depending on how small the band is, means months of waiting for a release to also appear on spotify.

Spotify sells Music - it's not giving it away, and I want better service. Plain and simple.

Music is what is keeping most of us here from killing ourselves, not Spotify. So don't go thinking you're that important. I can pay my money to another probs

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