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Not showing all my artists or songs?

Not showing all my artists or songs?

Recently, my Spotify went into a total look change and only shows me two major tabs, "Music, Podcasts" all and the main issue is, all my artists are gone. I only had about 5. I clicked on "add more artists" but it becomes me having to pick artists just to open their discography and not display the songs I had already downloaded. All my songs are under a playlist, but I enjoy listening to my music via artists and not shuffle all my songs. Anyone have any solutions to reverting it back to the classic view?

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Hey @ChaoticBanana.


The new updated Library comes with a few changes. The Artists section will contain all Artists you follow. So you can go through your saved songs and follow any artist you like to have them appear in the Artists section.


Hope this answers your question! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

I have saved many songs of many artits in the past. I would then go to artists and be shown a list of all songs I saved by that artist, and could then play them. It is by far the main method of playing songs in spotify for me.


Do you mean to tell me that that is now gone? That I will have to go to songs and then filter by artist?


Following these artists is not a solution as going to an artist shows all his songs, not just saved ones.


Is there really no solution to this in the current program? Will this be fixed?

Hey @taco_indenbosch.


Thanks for your questions.


We recently posted a reply in another thread which we think answers your question - make sure to head over here.


Let us know either here or there if you have any further questions.



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