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Not working with Pioneer after latest update

Not working with Pioneer after latest update

Before the latest update I could use Spotify on my Pioneer receiver. Now it only shows "connecting..." when I connect the iPhone to the receiver via USB

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Try heading into the settings menu and try switching Offline Mode on and off.
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I tried that. I also tried rebooting the phone and the app. Now, if it connects, it only shows the iPod **bleep** and not the Spotify part, even with the Spotify app open when connecting the phone.

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i have a similar issue here with my Pioneer VSX-828 av receiver and my android devices.

Before the last update there where no problem to play spotify music on that receiver.

Now the receiver is showing in the device list as usual, but connection won't work most of the time.

sometimes it starts playing music, but the controls (volume, play/pause) are lagging or do nothing at all.

Most of the time the receiver can not be connected.


Me and my family got so used to spotify+AV receiver combination, that this issue is a real pain for us.


Does anyone know, how to reset the link between my av receiver an my spotify account?



I'm having the same issue. Pioneer vsx 830 won't play on Spotify input. Same issues and story as above. Anyone figure out how to make it work?

Have you tried turning off your receiver, pulling the plug pressing the power button and wait 10 minutes and turn back on

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