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Nothing Playing

Nothing Playing

Whenever I try to play a song on my account no matter what it is, nothing happens.  No music plays and nothing happens at the bottom about information about the song.  My friend tried it on her account though and hers worked on my computer.  What is going on?

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Hey @mickbarbi


That's not cool!


Are you using the desktop player or the web player (

In case you're using the desktop player, try reinstalling the client. 

Maybe the client needs a little refresh. 🙂


Keep me posted!

Exactly the same, nothing playing. Using web player

I am having this same problem on web player. Everything was fine yesterday.


I'm on Google Chrome; 49.0.2623.112 m


I'm using the web player and it seems that it's only for my account and I'm not sure what to do.  My friend logged onto hers and everything was fine.



That's pretty odd!
Have you tried deleting your cookies and cache? Deleting cookies should clear out any settings.

Another thing that's worth trying is another browser (IE, Opera, Firefox, or Chrome).


I usually (every time I open the browser) have to click on this 'connect to a device' icon near the volume bar and click on "connect to web player", to make the green bar go away. Maybe you can try that out too.

Not working on Chrome, microsoft edge or Firefox for me, I can load all playlists, just nothing will play with any of the buttons. Tried deleting cookies etc, always allowing on the plugin section, but no luck. I am signed in with a facebook account. Help

Did you by any chance use an ad blocker for your account?

It's the same for me. With my account the web player will not play anything, as soon as I change account I can play everything fine.

I found an answer at an other thread that suggested that the web player started working again after disabling ad blocker.

I disabled ad blocker on another browser but this did not change anything.

My suspicion is that spotify started blocking accounts where they detected an ad-blocker but simply removing the ad-blocker does not resolve the problem.

I've tried deleting my cookies and cache, I don't have an ad blocker, and I've tried a different browser.  It's just that one day it was working and then the next day it stopped letting me play music. I don't know what to do

I disabled ad blocker for spotify and it made no difference unfortunately

It's the same for me too. Was fine the day before my first post, had been listening to it, then the next day nothing will play. I can load the site, load the playlists, but pressing play doesn't do anything. Tried clearing cookies/cahce, disabling ad blocker, signing out and logging in (I also log in through Facebook at the moment). It hasn't worked, and it still isn't playing anything.


Anyone figured this out yet? I still can't play anything. Tried logging in and out umteen times, clearing cookies/cache, taking Spotify off Facebook, and loging in without Facebook. Nothing is working, and yet my sister can log her account without any issue.


Same problem for me, started happening after I tried the desktop app for the first time, am on mac. Clicking any song that is not already selected in my desktop app throws a 500, e.g. 

POST 500 (Internal Server Error)

Almost definitely a software bug in the code coordinating between multiple interfaces, please create a ticket in bug subforum, mods!

For me it's the web player. I did recently try their android app on my phone, but I took it off. Like it better through the web player. I'm on Windows Vista, and using Google Chrome. I think it was still working after I used the app, but it was only about a day or 2 later it stopped, now that I think about it.


Hey all!


It may be caused by the Spotify's 'Connect To A Device' feature. Its icon is next to the volume slider in the Web player. It may happen that if you've played music on other devices, then the Web player may remain disabled, because this feature is a Premium one.

Choose 'This web player' in the box that appears when clicking on the icon. Alternatively you could try signing out everywhere from your Spotify account page.

I have this issue now and then. Sometimes crude refresh needed, sometimes the green bar won't take a no for an answer... 🙂

Made no difference for me

For whatever reason, refuses to connect to my web browser. Device icon remains greyed out, no green bar saying "You're listening on Web Player (Chrome)" . Timeline remains frozen on 0 to 30 seconds.


Cleared all my cookies, no difference.


Then logged into a different account (same Chrome browser and computer) and now it works fine, but only for that account (an empty back-up account), and I'll lose all my playlists.

Suddenly started working for me after I clicked on a spotify link (Posted by Kygo) on facebook, took me through to spotify and started playing, has been working since then

Tried that too just now... No luck for me.


Happens on all web browsers on all of my devices... Mac, PC, or otherwise.


I even tried on browsers I had never used before and I still couldn't play anything. Stuck on a DCU ad.


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