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Notifications for New Releases of followed Artists not working.

Notifications for New Releases of followed Artists not working.


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 I've been using spotify for years now, but I've never received consistent notifications about artists I'm following. I follow 61 artists, but outside of the Release Radar playlist every friday and the *very* occasional in-app notification (Last to do this was See Without Eyes by The Glitch Mob, it gave me an in-app pop-up on both desktop and mobile.) Yet I have both email and push notifications set up to, if the descriptions are accurate, send me emails and push notifications each time new music is released by an artist I follow. Spotify_Notification_Settings.PNG One article on here I've read suggested that the feature has been changed so that we receive an e-mail adjacent to the Release Radar that details the new releases, but even that doesn't seem to work - the last email from Spotify that seems related was in late 2017, and even the "upcoming performances" emails cut off in January.Spotify_Emails.PNG



I'd really appreciate if anyone could help me out with this.


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