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Nuclear Blast unavailable

Nuclear Blast unavailable

Since yeterday I'm not able to play most of Nuclear Blast albums. The error message is either "song is unavailable" or "song is unavailable in your country". This includes all Eluveitie albums, Toumas Holopainen - Lise and times of Scrooge, and probably some others (finding them as we speak, Epica seems fine, if their Spotofy collection is rather small, if it should include most of their albums, they're gone for me as well - I don't have them saved in my library, so I can't even see them enymore).

Can anyone tell me what is going on?


BTW, my country is Poland.


EDIT: inb4 clear chache: tried Windows client, android and web player. All the same.

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This might be a regions listening issue with the label? Also sometimes things come back in a few days so keep an eye out in case this is just licensing expiring and awaiting the renewals to come through. Although I do not have the time to do a look up of all that material or I might be able to narrow some of it down.


All music made available to the spotify service is up to the labels, artists, and/or their representatives. Please go and have a read over on this detailed post here

point 5 covers about the issue with missing music/artists. Thank you!

i have tha same problem: Dimmu Borgir, Elu, Enslaved - I'm metal person so this is big Hqangover Fix IT!

Tons of NB stuff is missing now.



Amorphis albums - completely gone post 2003...

Wintersun - gone...

Sirenia - post 2009 - gone.

Dimmu Borgir - pretty much gone.


Plenty other albums/artists gone...


Can you name a reason to keep a subscription Spotify?

Well when i look at my playlist i see all Kataklsym albums from NB are gone and Fleshgood apocalypse to. 

Same here, 'half' of the playlist missing, all Dimmu Borgir, two latest Behemoth albums, Carnival is Forver from Decapitated (tho Blood Mantra just popped in). Spotify seems quite unstable with it's music database. I can understand some albums or bands never appearing in Spotify in the first place (Tool, for starters) but being taken off? 

Spotify adds all music available to them. Unfortunately, sometimes the artist/label don’t want certain tracks/album on
spotify, which is why they can’t be found.


You can read more about missing music in the
music FAQ.
Take particular note of the fifth point.

Thanks for moving the topic to a different forum, obviously this is us needing some kind of help...


I'll pay attention to point 7 instead - Remove premium subscription until Spotify and Nuclear Blast get their **bleep** together and decide that they want people's money.


Someone not wanting certain tracks/albums on spotify is understandable when the decision is made before hand. It's not understandable when half of your playlist on premium account dissappears! I stopped my premium account few months ago and was intending to renew it starting January, but won't do that, because I lost my trust in this service


I've been paying Spotify subscription also because of access to music from bands or albums that are now gone. I can't help to have a feeling that at least part of that money I paid to spotify is now wasted and I have to go and purchase all those missing albums from other services or shops. Could have done that in the first place!


It's ok when service as Spotify has a limited database with some bands or labels not participating in it at all. You see what you get before you pay any money. Removing already existing music is completely different and turns Spotify into really poor service. And is also sort of a cheat

Turns out this is region based thing, which makes it even worse. All albums I'm missing are still available in Ireland/UK region

I just noticed this too. All my playlists, songs, etc are unplayable.



Thanks Spotify, you just lost a couple of customers I guess.

Time to buy songs and copy them the old way again.

I knew something is fishy about streaming.


And I guess Google Music just got a new customer.


Update: I have checked Deezer, Google Music as well.

All the Nuclear Blast records are "not available in my location".


Just what the hell happened?
Why there are no news about this?


(At least now I know that Google Music got a better app/interface.. and a higher price tag.
But besides the point, what the hell happened?)

My guess is - the local distributor in your country demanded the removal of this music from Spotify because they... can... And they did.


This is essentially "promoting piracy", since I don't see the point in paying for music that I've benn streaming for the past couple of years and paying for in "instalments". Once more, the industry proves it is not ready for the age of Internet.

Not every album or song is available on Spotify.


The availability of songs on Spotify is up to the artist and their music label.
Spotify has no control over what content is available.


Sometimes it is only available in certain countries, while access is blocked to others.


You can find out more information here

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Yeah.. Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Wintersun and many others started missing in Czech Republic. Throug API I can see it, music is there, but I can't access it, due to country restrictions.. I've cancelled subscription, until this resolves.

Contacted premium(at)spotify email address, wrote down my problem and only received a copy-paste lame reply.

Well played, Spotify.
By the way, anyone in the EU can access these bands?
So far no EU member state could. All the users including me, was from the European Union.

You can check it out by using API...

For example: to search for Wintersun - it will find multiple copies of that song/artist/album/whatever. Under territories tag, you can see permitted countries for this specific copy. It is interesting, that under one copy of song is CZ (country code of Czech Rep.), but I still can't see in in Spotify player...


edit: I can see Eluveitie again..

Yesterday I have contacted NB. They said, it was some distributor-change stuff and they will fix it asap. The catalogue SHOULD be complete over the weekend.

Those are some really good news.
Though, I will always keep an offline copy as well from now on.

By offline copy you mean the Spotify offline copy or some personal mp3s? The first one will actually get auto-deleted if something becomes unavailable, so it doesn't matter if you keep it or not... 😉

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