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Nujabes removed from Spotify?

Nujabes removed from Spotify?

What happened to Nujabes I've been listening to a lot of his stuff recently and now its all gone from spotify.  He is an amazing artist and his work deserves to be heard!

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I decided to give Nujabes another play tonight. I was confused and then horrified to see that Spiritual State and Modal State were gone... I was programming to that music last night. Spotify, what happened here? I need my Nujabes fix.

Everything that he did with Fat jon is gone too.  Right now I'm debating pulling out a CD Drive to play these discs, fix the power supply on my media server or just youtube it.... guess what wins tonight?

Google Play Music has both of the albums that Spotify just removed. I had a free month of google play music recently and it didn't look bad. I think losing Nujabes might be the tipping point for me. Gunna keep looking first. Maybe send some angry emails?

Who would I send these emails to? I'd very much like to have him back on spotify, he was important to a bunch of my playlists.

Hey guys,


Unfortunately when music is removed it's usually due to a licensing issue. The best people to contact are the record label(s) and artists and kindly ask them to reconsider re-appearing on Spotify!

As Grace mentioned, this is done by the label companies.


You can read more about it at the Music FAQ (note 5)

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