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Nuvo player and Spotify

Nuvo player and Spotify

Can anyone help?  I have a nuvo player that was linked to my spotify account. Until a week or so ago I could play the spotify playlists through my nuvo system.  But unfortunately not any more..................... When I now look at the Nuvo content page, it says next to my Spotify account details that the "network is currently unavailable".  Has Spotify changed its licensing arrangement with Nuvo or is there another reason?  I am based in the UK.  If anyone can help I would be extremely grateful. 


Thanks very much


7 Replies

Hi david,


When have you made the update for the spotify?

What tip of nuvo do you have?


Regards Alex.

Can I stream Spotify through a Nuvo system? Or how do I add it.

Thank you. Bimsey

I was not aware Nuvo supported Spotify.

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Unfortunately I think you are right. Thanks for responding.

NuVo seems to support Spotify. You need to have a spotify premium account.

The account information can be entered using NuVo config ( - where is the address of your NuVo in you LAN).


You will not have to full user interface available but you can play your starred songs and access your playlists.


Nuvo does not integrate Spotify into its service. I'm in the  condition that I have to stream music through line-in port with an Airport Express installed. 

Hello me to

what should i do?

Thank you



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