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 Hi, can anyone tell me how to play / save music to my smartwatch to play off line? i was told i needed to go premium which i did but the spotifi app on my Fossil smartwatch only acts as a remote and needs to be connected to phone / wifi which is not what i wanted as i don't want to bring my phone out when jogging, please help , thanks in advance 

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Spotify Legend

Hey @Marvgman, help's here. 


Keep in mind that downloading your music is a Premium feature, so if it's not working, you may be logged in on the wrong account. Log out and log back in with the right credentials for Premium (check your phone that you can use Premium features such as downloading music, and make sure to log in with the same credentials as on the phone). After that, make sure that you try:

  • Different networks (cellular/WiFi)
  • Reinstall app on the phone
  • Reinstall app on the watch
  • Re-pair the watch with Bluetooth
  • Removed offline devices from your account page.

Let us know how it goes!