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Offline Sync with Windows Phone 8

Offline Sync with Windows Phone 8

Hej Spotify,


Tried to download your app in the store on a lumia 1020.

Somehow offline sync isnt working...which prolly be one of the main reason for using spotify.

Tried to reinstall the app and well..somehow now i cant even log in.


Would it be to much to ask for if you could look into this, since I dont feel i get what i was promised when choosing premium.


I do know software can cause some problems now and then, but this issue would not have happened if you had taken the time to test it.

anyways...perhaps you can give me some help on how i can sort this out.


Best regards


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Do you have plenty of free storage space on the internal storage on your phone? Spotify can't save to SD cards.

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I have been using spotify for windows phone 8 on my lumia 925 without too many problems for 6 months or so. Note that the app needs to connect to the internet and download something everytime you start listening to a playlist for some reason - even if you have set the songs to be available offline. It uses around 200mb per month for me... even though it is set to sync via wifi only. So you might have to wait a bit for the songs to start if you have no/little signal...


I have used android and iphone versions and they are far more stable and actually work! I understand an update is expected soon!


I have the same problem with my 1020. I sync all the songs to offline, and after a while it is switching back to online mode.

And half of the phone is empty so there should be enough storage space.

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