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Offline tracks in my Volvo XC90

Offline tracks in my Volvo XC90


I have the 2016 XC90.  Today i downloaded the spotify app for the car which is great - that's 99% of the reason i connected by phone to the car by bluetooth, so thanks for that.


I have lots of favourite tracks and i would like to have an offline playlist on the volvo.  I can see an option to detele offline tracks, and i think i've found how to add them one by one, but i can't see how to add more.


Any idea?


The volvo website tells me to ask Spoitfy 

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Anybody have any ideas about this?


Today Spotify updated itself on my volvo and it seems to play a lot better (so far) without as much buffering, but i still don't know how to make use of the local hard drive.

This is the problem. My car is not recognized as device on spotify web.

Me too!

I see the option to delete offline tracks, but I don't get the option to save any tracks offline in my Volvo XC90 2016.

I don't have offline tracks saved anywhere else.

It seems they will add the offline option only later, see their responses here: 

Even clearer here, unfortunately and also to my surprise, since it basically prohibits crossborder usage due to roaming charges:

"To use Spotify in your car, the app must have access to the Internet. Offline mode is currently not available." 

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