[Onkyo TX-NR 609] some tracks are not available

[Onkyo TX-NR 609] some tracks are not available


i'm using a Onkyo TX-NR609 with Spotify for quite some time now.

But from today i've got a problem that some tracks are unavailable to play.


The tracks that are unavailable on the Onkyo ARE available on my laptop/ipad/iphone ... what ?!?!

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I have the same problem. In my case the Rihanna 4 album wont play on my onkyo every other song plays well.


I am having same problem on my TX-NR709.  "Silent Lucidity" by Queensryche is an example.   Get "track not available" message.  Song works on all other devices.

Same problem at TX-NR414 with firmware: 1110-7001-0000. It says "Track not available" but with PC and Android Devices its playable.

Are there any Solution yet?

Same problem with Onkyo TX-Nr 616 for the Johnny Cash songs One & Hurt. Tracks are not available on Onkyo but they are on the Windows Desktop program. I've a Spotify premium account. Has anyone a solution to solve the problem? Cheers


I have the same problem.


If you have read this thread so far you should note that the problem is a long standing one and nobody from Spotify has made a suggestion.  They clearly don't monitor the boards like Virgin Media.  Pity really.



If, for any reason, a track on an album or playlist becomes unavailable Spotify will attempt to find an identical copy of the recording from another source in the catalogue. Where this has happened, you will still be able to play the track, and you will see a link icon to the right of track when viewing in a Spotify desktop client.

Unfortunately, some device versions of Spotify client do not perform this "re-linking". 

It is possible to work around this, by manually replacing each track in playlists with the specific "source" track (found by clicking the link icon).

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A lot of people told that they have  problem with the playlist on onkyo.
Dear Moderator -
Onkyo ist not sonos.


It is not  a problem of relinking because from the Album
All Time Best Willie Nelson on Onkyo it plays only 3 or 4 titles from 20.
Always it jumps to the same 4 titles. When i hear this with pc it plays all 20 Titles.




I do apologise. My mind was slipping.


However, the same still applies - The Onkyo client may be unable to play these linked tracks. Take a look at the unplayable tracks on the desktop version and look for the "Chain" icon.  You can see it next to the Careless Whisper track below. 


Icons list.png



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If it helps:

This is the screenshot from my desktop.  It doesn't show any links.

Just seconds after this snapshot the album would not play on the Onkyo.  It steps through each track in turn saying Track Not Available.TracksNotAvailable.jpg


So where is the response to this - David from Spotify??? I have the same problem with my Onkyo NR-TX818. Not happy!


Apparently there are tracks that only licensed to the desktop player and not for receivers. A bummer, but hey at least you can listen to it.


Same problem here.


Spotify support is sadly unable to solve the problem. bla bla bla.. did you try reinstallinng spotify on reciver is the best they came up with.


Onkyo support is aware of the issue, but i think it will be up to spotify to fix links or what ever they messed up.


This playlist works fine on pc but reciver only plays one track.
Burhan G – Burhan G


B.t.w. i have a video of issue here.
Onkyo issue

Hope to see a fix soon


Finaly a breakthru supporter making some sense of the problem...

As i suspected Onkyo have a partner device tracklist that is faulty, and spotify app and webplayer use it's own playlist that works fine.


I guess some of spotify supporters lag nolage, and they are trying to help but just don't know how, and in the end they seem anoing. They can't all be great supporters with all the knolage, but they still is trying the best they can to help. I only wish sometimes they admit it is a problem they don't understand, and move it up the support chain to more skilled supporter.


I just recived this mail from support 😉

Hello there 

Thank you for contacting the Spotify Customer Service Team .

The reason that you are not able to listen some songs is because the catalogue for this device is different as we have others contracts with the labels to be used into this device.

Please accept our apologies, we expect to change this , as soon as possible so you will be able to listen the same catalogue.


Spotify Customer Support
United Kingdom


Thanks for making some sense of the problem, and hopefuly providing a fix soon...Keep up the great support...

No solution to this annoying problem? As you can see I have the same problem:

This is a load of **bleep** as the song that says Track not available it just skips straight to the next song you can't or don't have the time to click on a link😎


Hi all, I was having the same issue before, and I have found the fix: update the firmware of your onkyo receiver.


I updated the firmware to the latest version on my TR-626. Now, when I try to open spotify on the Onkyo app, it actually tells me to use the Spotify app instead. So I go to the spotify app, select the Onkyo Receiver under "Devices Available" at the bottom of the app. I am now able to play a track which didn't work before! 


This solution is even better, as the Onkyo app worked very slowly and clunky, and there was no random shuffle option. Now, it works incredibly smooth with the Spotify app, and I have shuffle play!

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