Onkyo TX-NR509 and Spotify login

Onkyo TX-NR509 and Spotify login

I got already for quite some time an Onkyo TX-NR509. For the remainder of this month. I also got a spotify Premium subscription. Tonight I wanted to add my account to my Onkyo TX-NR509. When I entered the Facebook credentials I got an error.


I finally decided to look up this issue on the internet. Here I found I needed to use the username and a new created password. I created the password through the Spotify website. I then entered all the data in the iPhone app and the receiver itself, but I keep getting the Spotify Login Error. I tried it several times. Also tried to enter the username and password through the devices website, but this even won't help me to a solution.


Could somebody help me with this issue?

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Same problem with my Onkyo TX-NR414: although having Internet access, a login to Spotify was impossible - neither via facebook login, nor with the newly created password for further externaldevices.


I have the most-recent software update, so is there any other known problem?

It is not a Spotify problem, it is a ONKYO Software Problem. I had the same problem to with my TX-NR619, I contacted ONKYO Support, I received an answer after 2 months: They said:


Dear custommer,


We received you request about "resetting Spotify account settings" - to do that,

you need to reset the Onkyo Receiver settings completely.

The way to to this is discribed in the "User Manual" under "Reset to Default Manufacter Settings".


So that is what I did, I know, it's a dirty solution, but that is the only way to do it, same resolution is for all other accounts on the Onkyo, i.e.: Last.FM. Even with an authentication account for DLNA / Windows / Linux SMB Servers, or NAS.


I know, Onkyo is not a Custommer friendy company, but it helped for me.

Hope this helps for you a bit, for you too.


Thx vanSijll,


it definately is an ONKYO problem, but the reset didnt change anything.

DLNA works fine though.


Anyone has another solution? I am awaiting an ONKYO answer within the next month then...

@Brehliant :

A) Did you Add a fixed IP Address to the Onkyo device? (instead of DHCP IP Address), Do not forget at add a valid Gateway (your Internet modem / router), a valid subnet, and DNS Servers (first DNSS Server is mostly your: Internet modem / router, then best to use is an open DNS Server, like Google: /


B) Dis you logged on Spotify (on the Onkyo) with your username, or your registered e-mail address ?? Try both!


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