Onkyo & Spotify Connect: Not working


Onkyo & Spotify Connect: Not working

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(Android 7.1.2, Windows 7)


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So, I can't stream music from Spotify to any of my 3 Onkyo network receivers (414, 515 and 535). I have a premium plan, but if this continues, I will cancel it. I don't see my Onkyo devices on my phones, or in my PC app. I have the latest versions. What's going on?!

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ok, I filed a ticket with onkyo, but they didn't react so far - not even an e-mail notification confirming that they got my support request ...

wait and see... 


Hi everyone.


Just wanted to report back, since in the meantime I achieved to "fix" the problem: so as of this week my onkyo TX-NR676E Receiver again plays nice with spotify connect. 


The solution? kind of dumb: I unplugged the receiver, waited around a minute or so and plugged it in again. And tadaaaa, it magically worked again. Why? No idea. Maybe Onkyo Support will be able to give some explanation, if they ever decide to answer my ticket I filed with them...


I am obviously very happy that it works again and hopefully it will keep working for the a few months (my experience in the past has been, that every few months it stopped working... usually a firmware update did the trick, but this time there was no newer firmware available to install...)


I was almost ready to invest into an external streamer, in the hope that a device / brand, dedicated specifically to the task of streaming music (as oposed to a general purpouse reciever), would be less prone to this kind of erratic behaviour. And since I am not ready to spend tousands of bucks I had more or less decided for the Bluesound node 2i, which looks very promising. I might still buy it, but It's not as urgent as before.


Anyway, just wanted to add, that I had two long chats with Spotify support (big thumps up there for their time and patience) where Spotify tried to help me with my issue and i also tried to understand a bit better how this "collaboration" between Spotify and brands/devices, that are supposedly spotify connect compatible, works. I'am adding the transcript of those conversations here. Maybe, somehow, they could be helpful for someone in the future.


I have also contacted several times Onkyo Support but to this day (last message I sent them was a week ago and the first about two weeks ago) I never heard back from them > so pretty poor customer service.


As crazy as this may sound, I found a post online that said to remove all special characters from the network name on your receiver. I removed the "-" in mine and now it works beautifully. Try it. Hope it works for you too, but mine is working great now!