Onkyo problems


Onkyo problems


Since weeks I am unable to use Spotify on my Onkyo reciever (709). The issue is that I can login, but all my playlists are empty.

In the past a (some) factory reset(s) helped, but not anymore. There seem to be multiple people  with this problem as can be read on:






I contacted Onkyo support some time ago and they pointed to Spotify (although I think the problem is in the Onkyo).

Recently the Onlyo support does not even respond anymore.


Perhaps someone at Spotify can poke the Onkyo people?

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everything is fine  🙂


And it also works here (in Belgium).


Nice! Thanks for the support, both Onkyo and Spotify!!


after I updated the latest firmware, my playist is gone. And my Onkyo receiver still couldn't play anything. It keep asking me for the connect app. Before I didn't need to use the phone app to use the spotify.


yeah! my spotify is also working 🙂




Can I switch back to the old firmware so I can just use my Onkyo to stream the spotify directly  without using the phone's connect App?

It still doesnt work. It asks for the app to be used and to select the onkyo avr. How can that happen if the onkyo avr NEVER asked for a login? It would never show up as a device to be selected to playback from. Sorry Onkyo and Spotify, this is useless. The avr will go back to where it came from, have another 30 days to return it...


This morning my Onkyo TX-NR709 works again with Spotify!!! Premium account, Bulgaria. 

Mine is still not working. 😞 TX-nr609, Sweden


Same problem bud, cant seem to cut and paste Onkyo email response through on this site. Answer seems to be NO! But we are working on it...  Trying to blame Spotify for change of IP address etc. Have run update, it dosnt help. The 'Spoify inside' sticker on amp now seems meaningless.

Totally agree mate. If you want to use Spotify buy a different amp. Have to use my PS4 to play spotify and the tv on, which defeats the purpose for me. The thing will go back soon...

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