Only two offline devices, max limit reached, deletes downloads


Only two offline devices, max limit reached, deletes downloads

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 South Africa


(iPhone 4, Samsung Gear S3, Android Phone)



My Question or Issue

 I am trying to use 3 devices to download playlists for offline playing.  My android phone and Gear S3 have songs downloaded and are listed on the accounts web page under Offline Devices.


However, when I try to download music to an iPhone 4 the Spotify app gives me the message that my offline device limit is reached.  When I tell it to continue with the download it starts downloading music, but the phone never gets listed under offline devices (only 2 devices mentioned earlier remain).  In addition, when I connect to spotify on my android phone, then it ends up deleting the offline music there.  When I download the music on the android phone again, it deletes it off the iphone, etc.


This is very frustrating and I've spent hours trying to download my playlists on these devices.  I've searched the forum and done the suggested steps, i.e. to delete the spotify app, remove the devices from the accounts page, reinstall, log in again, etc. but the same keeps happening.  It doesn't register the iPhone as an offline device and keeps telling me that I've reached my max number of devices, even though only two are listed.

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