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Open Spotify Isn't Working on Chrome

Open Spotify Isn't Working on Chrome

Open.spotify just isn't working on Chrome and hasn't for weeks. Until a few days ago I'd press the play button and nothing would happen. Now I get a message when I load the page "oops something went wrong with the playback" which I suppose is an improvement :/.


Chrome is the most widely used browser, shouldn't you have tested to make sure it works before deploying it to the public....


At least allow us to access play.spotify without a UA spoofer which still actually works on Chrome despite using Flash


I'm using Chrome version 57.0.2987.133 

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Same for me. 


I don't usually use the web version simply because I'm into the app all the time. But when I was up to do it, it didn't work. I thought that was my computer, but I opened it on Firefox and it totally worked. Even the chrome player 'seems' to be playing the same song, but it wasn't (there's no sound)

The only thing I can advice you is to use Mozilla Firefox.

I was having a similar issue with audio not playing when using the chrome browser. What you will need to do is go into "settings" for chrome.  Open the "advanced" settings option then select "privacy and security". From here scroll down to "Content Settings" then once you open that scroll to "Unsandboxed plugin access". You will need to add "" or "" under the Allow option. You should be all set then.

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