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So I recently bought an Nokia 8110 4G, which I really enjoy. One of the biggest downsides though, is that it is unable to play Spotify. My suggestion:


Allow the Web Player to be accessed from Nokia 8110's KaiOS operating system. 


When trying to access the Web Player, it now forces me to download the Spotify app, which is not existing for KaiOS. To me it seems like an easy edit, with a lot of statisfied customers.

Note: KaiOS has roughtly 30 million devices running it 


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Hey @Daantjuhh132.


Thanks for getting in touch!


That sounds like a good idea! There is an Idea which you can vote for if you'd like to see Spotify become available for KaiOS. You can vote for it here.


Let us know if you have further questions. We'll be happy to help 🙂


Have a nice day.

Yes I linked to that idea in the original post. 

But in the meantime, while we are waiting for an official spotify KaiOS app (which is probably going to take a while), I'd like to use Spotify trough the web browser of the phone, which is now impossible because the web player is not accessible for mobile devices.

Hey there @Daantjuhh132,


Thanks for getting back in touch with this.


Unfortunately, the Web Player is only available for Android devices with Chrome browsers at the moment.

However, if you'd like to see the Web Player available on devices running on KaiOS as well, we'd suggest heading in our Ideas Exchange and posting it here


On another note, if you'd like more information on how the Ideas Exchange works, make sure to head here.


Hope this helps clarify things.

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