Option to show original language for artist name and songs rather than localized names


Option to show original language for artist name and songs rather than localized names







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Is there an option to opt for original language for artist name and songs rather than the localized name? I am bilingual and I mostly search for the song and artist name based on their original name and I find it really annoying to get the English localization of the song name especially where some song are localized differently. I noticed that I can access the original language if someone linked me the original language version of the album and I can like and add to playlist BUT I can't find the album myself. I can only see the English version if I search for it. 

There's also a bug where if I click on the song name, it leads me to the English album and when I right click > show album, it leads me to Japanese album. 

The case and example.

Picture 1 

Clicking on "*ハロー、プラネット。" leads me to "Hello, Planet". 


Picture 2 
Clicking on "白いゆきのぷりんせすは" leads me to "Shiroi Yuki no Princess Ha".


Picture 3 

Clicking on "初めまして地球人さん" leads me to "Nice to Meet you, Mr. Earthling." 


I would much prefer it it leads me to the Japanese album instead. Same goes for Chinese album, it the original song list and metadata already exist, why not let me pick what I want to use instead. 

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spotify complain.jpg
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Hey @lychwee


Welcome to the Community, thanks for reaching out about this. 


At the moment, the app doesn't have any feature that allows you to show the original song language. However, other users also think this would be a good idea.


In this case, you can add your +VOTE and Subscribe to this thread. That way you can stay up-to-date with any relevant news about this.


If you have any other questions, we'll be right here.


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I'd love to and it's better to have original song name. Sometimes I can't even find the song in Spotify.
Whereas the song name is translated, lyrics is not. It does not make sense for me.