[Other] Advertising taken a turn for the worst

[Other] Advertising taken a turn for the worst


I understand the need for advertising, I do, but your new strategy of going to ads after every 2 songs, or x period of time is so ridiculous, its worse than native radio. And when you hear Andy 30 times in a hour you want to buy his razor just to cut your own throat. I used to listen to your adds (I think it was only fair) until you changed to this new format, now I just mute through them, which I'm sure most people are doing, so your not doing Andy or your other advertisers any favors! Thought you should know.       

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My solution, vpn device to diff reigon, at least the ads are in a foreign language. Am also sick of their corporate garbage ads more often than ever, it had me reaching  for piano wire 😉  Incidentally  topic firestick and joe rogan still not fixed.. nice job kids. 


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