[Other] Remove (or improve) account sharing detection

[Other] Remove (or improve) account sharing detection


The Spotify app will pause output on all devices and nag you telling you to upgrade when it thinks you're sharing your account. How exactly it determines this is secret but certainly not infallible. The nag message doesn't leave any room for error either. It directly implies that the user is sharing their account, even if they know for a fact they aren't.


Whoever implemented this seems to have forgotten that Spotify has a remote feature such that you can control one Spotify client from another. I use this feature all of the time to control my speakers, which are connected to my PC, from my phone. I suspect it's the use of this feature, possibly combined with the fact that I got a new phone not too long ago, that is triggering this nag. Because I know for an absolute certainty, that I am not sharing my account.


I really hate to be confronted about something I didn't do by an app that I pay a monthly fee to use. It's especially annoying that it stops my music too, forcing me to resume only by getting up and going to my PC.

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Hi @l_uoutb-jjvm.


Thank you for posting on the Community!


We've moved your post to this help board because what you mention doesn't sound like the normal behavior for the app. 


In order to better assist you, please share with us some screenshots or a video showing the process you're following, up until the point you get the message you mention. This way we can take a better look at the situation and assess it.


We'll be on the lookout.

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