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[Other] Your Community Sucks

[Other] Your Community Sucks

Your community sucks. It's so difficult to provide feedback or report bugs. It's really kind of a joke for Spotify to have zero ways to submit feedback or report a bug other than your stupid community. Apparently, you think I have all day to search your stupid community to see if my issue has already been reported and then jump through a series of flaming hoops just to tell you what isn't working with your app. There are some many bugs I have encountered in the past few days and at no point am I going to spend more than 5m searching your community when you should have a SUBMIT FEEDBACK OR REPORT A BUG option like most normal apps do. Don't make an app that millions of people use if you can't handle the feedback. I'm a developer and I know that feedback is essential to maintaining a great product and staying ahead of your competitors and Apple Music is getting closer in the rearview. The fact that I have to search your community first and waste my time is beyond annoying. So I guess I just have to deal with the bugs and hope they get resolved because your feedback process is flaming pile shite.

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