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Over 3000 votes for wear OS offline

Over 3000 votes for wear OS offline

There are over 3000 votes on the wear os offline feature but there hasn't been any updates or news from Spotify for over a year. Would Spotify please be able to give us some sort of update? After speaking to a Spotify adviser they told me that Spotify usually looks at ideas that have over 100 votes, therefore this is a well voted for feature.




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I have been monitoring the situation for spotify offline for the last few years.

I have to sadly admit it's clearly not a priority for the company.
They have released just 2 implementations:

1) Samsung - which is terrible, buggy, not maintained and advertised as perfect

2) Garmin - which got the same fate


It is now clear to me that Spotify and their partner are not capable of solving this technical issue on smart watches. And this is embarassing and sad.
It is crystal clear Spotify and their partner are not investing in this area, probably using not competent software engineers just to get the functionality out, get money and hope customers don't leave.
To be honest, I am planning to return my smartwatch and seriously thinking to move to Apple Music and cancel my spotify subscription.


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