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My Pioneer N50A no longer appears in my Spotify app.


I've been using this player since 2015 and I've never had this problem. I can see my PC and other devices, but the Pioneer has disappeared.


So far I have done the following

- Reset modem;

- Reset the N50A;

- I've reinstalled the latest available firmware;

- I turned my smartphone back to factory settings.


So far unsuccessful



70 Replies

Great thanks, I will share mine here when I am home tonite.

In the meantime I already got a ticket number from Pioneer - you have to go over the hotline not the service center request ...

I also contacted the dealer who sold me the device - that one I am not sure but I try out all options here 😉 Thx

My S/N: OJIV001021ER. Manufactured OCT 2015.

Got now a ticket number by Pioneer hotline.


Hey all,


Since I am rahter new in this community how do I have to proceed to get a statement from Spotify regarding my issue? Mean: we can disucss this through for weeks or months and I don't get really a help at the end. Spotify pleeese some news from your side?

Hi guys. Hi about using the Pioneer as high-quality DAC for a Chromecast Audio which has an optical out. Wouldnt this be a feasible workaround? There shouldnt be a difference in sound quality,imo.



Thanks for the proposal, I also was thinking about this approach but already occupied all the digitial inputs available on the N-50A. I'd prefer to keep the setup as it is since I bought this machine exactly for that reason and Spotify is nicely (was niceley) integrated into it in a seamless way. Apart of that I agree on the sound quality of this engine, just fantastic - so I am a bit in front of an unresolvable problem.


I think about changing the brand and go with a Cambridge CXN v2 or 851 Azure, any feedbacks on those ones?

I'm thinking of the same possibility.

Cambridge Audio 851N/CXN, Marantz ND8006 (although you do not need a new cd player) and even a pioneer N-50/70AE that features built-in chromecast.

I also think about adding a new HT Receiver to the system, because besides having all the current services of streaming, I still open the possibility of reassembling a multichannel/home theater setup.


All current receivers have streaming services.


But spotify needed to speak out and help with this problem.
Saying that "service support is gone" is far from ideal...

Thanks for your support, I think we all agree on this.

I was looking a bit into Chromecast, two devices exist the Chromecast2 and the Chromecast Audio. I rather would take the fully fledged Chromecast2 outputting HDMI and then add a HDMI/SPDIF splitter as I already use one for other purpose. I run a beamer (both HDMI inputs occupied) and also have all digital inputs of the N-50a occupied - so this looks more of a "bricolage" for the time being but as said (and you also say): I'd prefer a nicely build-in approach with no fuzz being WAF-factor 100% and just running, it's also a reason I am OK to pay a certain price to get this.


So Spotify and Pioneer, please take some position here, I am (or we are) waiting. Thanks

Mmh, looks like Chromcast fraction is angry as well ...

So I stick to my problem with my device I think ... or change both provider and streaming device. I also can bring up all my old CD and Vynil collection not depending on any firmware update of whatever ...

Ok here the official feedback I got from Pioneer and link to consider.

I was supposed to get a notification by Spotify but it looks like my N-50A, at least in CH, was wrongly disconnected from servers.


So it's in hands between Pioneer/Onko group and my importer/reseller.


At the end it looks like the -A(E) devices both are supposed to still run Spotify.

that sounds promising, but my N-50A-K is still unable to connect


I am not going to pay aditional money for AE version. Just waiting for official answer. If 50A version is not supported any more changing brand to Cambridge Audio/Sony/Onkyo. I bought this only for Spotify

Same for me, exactly the same, fully agree what you say here.

Looks like Cambridge are following much more closely firmware updates than others. They build a (perhaps bigger) HW platform but that lasts for 4+ years and simply firmware upgrades can provide new capabilities, aka retrofitting.

Despite Pioneer has strong skills in constructing really outstanding electronics and nice machines, the firmware/software team looks like a bit absent in their R&D, you also see this on the app store. Think it's the bottom of the problem with Pioneer and I told them that already so they know.

So I think you're right in your considerations.

Update: don't forget Pioneer is part of the Onkyo group. Mean if you reall want to change go Cambridge - even the Magic 6, already a few years old, got Spotify Connect and that one still works today for friends of mine. As said: you've to ensure next audio device you buy the brand has real embedded engineers in the teams that can quickly provide firmware updates and react on market changes, it's for exactly that reason firmware updates are there for.

thanks for this info. so ONKYO is not an option.

nope I'd say

I'm incredibly diappointed with the lack of support from Pioneer on this expensive and recently released device. Not only is the lack of Spotify insulting for those of us that chose the upgraded A version over the original, but I've found Pioneer's complete lack of servicing in the UK a joke. My product randomly restarts and I've been told I have to send it to a random 3rd party dealer who will charge to look at it.


Yamaha have already updated all their products to support Spotify, many of which are much older than the N50A. I will certainly never be buying a Pioneer product again.


For those interested... using a chromecast audio's optical audio output directly into the N50A is not a bad workaround. 

I am sorry to hear about you disappointment I so well can understand you what you feel. Have a look at this link where I reported this too:

Keep fighting my case is now on Pioneer's desk will pressure them until I get my rights for THAT price, yes it's a joke but I still hope until the tell me.

Hi AronSR

Try talk as much as possible around you and provide reviews to notorious review sites as I did. Also contact magazines and such to share your problem I'll do so as well be assured. Now shall Pioneer give me a positive feedback and help I will of course also feedback on that and take back my very negative inputs on this case. But for the moment Pioneer remains 0 star on my benchmark.

Also in a constructive approach: Pioneer uses a lot of open source code on their firmware and according to GPL have to open the sources to anybody. I already aksed for those but no answer yet - now the law says they've to share whatever happens. That way discontinued products may get a second life for hackers able to program into those devices new functionalities that would be really intelligent and a good point for the image of Pioneer or any group going this way. Otherwise I am convinced 99% of the folks out there with our problem on such an expensive machine simply would sell it or worse throw it away (saw that as well)!

Forgot to mention: open a ticket at Pioneer, I opened one in Germany and got a tracking number and some shy replies so a good start to get talking to Pioneer. At the same time open a ticket with the reseller/importer who got your machine into your country. I also did this. That way Pioneer get pression both from end user and reseller/importer. The more we are doing this the higher it will be in the support stack believe me.

Think it's your best option. We keep in touch.

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