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PLEASE Add more options to "Your Music", bring back star and let us add songs to playlists offline!

PLEASE Add more options to "Your Music", bring back star and let us add songs to playlists offline!

I think it's not cool that you took the Star function away. I had certain playlist where I organized music and would star certain tracks from that playlist to make it easier for me to find certain songs 😞


You can't add songs to a playlist in offline mode now!! on my phone i'm always on spotify underground, and I need to add songs to new playlists when i'm on the go. please bring this back!


So i'm pumped about your music but i'm sad that you have no options for customizing this. 

1. There are songs I want in my songs but they are artists and alblums I don't want in my albums and artists. can't you choose something to make it more customized? If you don't change it I will never use the "songs" because it's more important for me to have the Albums in one place. The reason you did this is because so many people save albums to playlists - like me. So now I have a place for those to go, but now every one of those albums has the songs go to the songs. This may be great for some but not me. Same with autmatically add the artist. So if i like one Kate Perry song - i have to have that album in the albums and her in the artist? What if I only want my fave most used 20 artist in my artists? 




and on the iphone, being able to re-arrange the order of playlists would be helpful. 


The discover function is useless. It tells me to listen to things i already have in my playlists. 


Thanks! I love spotify and i just want it to be perfect!



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OH - sweet. well now i have no reason to use the Album section in my music. becuase you can't choose which albums you want offline!! 


SO i was pumped that instead of making playlists for every single album i want to save, i could have one place for them. but there is no way my phone can fit every ALBUM from my music album section. so now it's pointless to me and i have to go back to having my playlists. 


With that being said - can you make it so when you put 30 albums into a playlist - it has a view of the album covers - like it does in my music? 


you see? you didn't really solve the problem


when you have these people test these things - do you not test functionality? why don'ot you have people test it who care about spotify and people use all the time. 


Thanks for the feedback but I had to move your topic over here, since it contains more requests in 1 topic.

Remember if you post in the idea section to focus on only 1 request per idea, otherwise it's impossible to manage the kudos/status of the idea, thanks. 😉

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