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[PNR] Pioneer SC-LX77 vanished from Spotify Connect list

[PNR] Pioneer SC-LX77 vanished from Spotify Connect list

This used to work fine but suddenly the Pioneer unit is missing from the Connect list both in iPad app and iPhone app. I have done reboot/restart of all devices (iPhone, iPad, Asus/Wifi-router, and the SC-LX77), I have checked UPnP on the router, I have downloaded new apps on phone and pad and checked for latest firmware version on the Pioneer. In addition - the Air Play function does not recognize the Pioneer unit - this also used to work.To conclude: I cannot use my sound system to play Spotify music! Need help!

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Same issue for me! 😞 Did you ever get your resolved?

I just set up a Pioneer VSX529, spotify is my priority. Network is set up right, well, push player works fine and Internet radio is go. But, same problem. Not on spotify device list?

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