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PS3 stutters

PS3 stutters

Using Spotify app on PS3 (the fat model). 

App opens.  Playback stutters, it's not buffering.  The bar / time keeps counting down but the song doesn't pause to buffer it just cuts out and then continues.. 


Not sure what to do.  Deleted and then downloaded the app again.  Didn't help.  

6 Replies

I've got the same sort of problem on my superslim PS3. It worked perfectly a few weeks ago, but now anything I try to play just stutters over the first half second or so of the track. Weirdly, though, I've found that if I press the PS button to bring up the PS Menu and Quit option it starts playing perfectly, then as soon as I back out of that into Spotify again the stuttering resumes.

I'm having the same problems. I tried connect from my android phone and quite often changing songs from my phone resolved the problem temporarily.

Any help would be appreciated!

hi! this is my old post about this argument... as you can see the problem is almost the same...


I would really appreciate to understand why it works in the morning and get crazy in the afternoon... have someone of you tried to test this?? it stutters both in the morning and in the afternoon?!


thx for the infos...




at 11.57 pm I started a song which stuttered as always... at midnight o' clock it begun to play absolutely normally!!!


so... from noon to midnight I can't use spotify on ps3!


wondering why is this, I'm really hopeless...

Clearly there has been zero effort on fixing this.  Its such a frustrating bug, it makes listening impossible.

Same problem here. It works just fine (well.. when it doesn't fail to connect just after launch for a couple of secs) on my Android phone on the same LAN (actually the phone goes via WiFi, which in my router is crap) and on PS3 I have all kind of issues.


Is Spotify supporting the PS3? This is beyond ridiculous. They made a deal with Sony and they don't do a thing to fix that terrible app. In the support section the PS3 and PS4 are not even mentioned.

Is there still no answer to this.. 

It's 2018 and I'm still having this god **bleep** problem.. but EXCLUSIVELY to my PS3. 


This is ridiculous. I have the ps3 in the lounge room with a ridiculously expensive sound system, professionally tuned, and I can't play spotify through it.. so very frustrating.


Furthermore, for me, it's not every song. Only about half or maybe a little more.

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