PS4 App Problems, choppy playback, slow spotify connect

PS4 App Problems, choppy playback, slow spotify connect



I've been a premium subscriber to spotify for about 2 years now, and never had a problem with the desktop and mobile apps, i use both every day, i also use the PS4 app. Which has been fine since i started using it a few months ago, but the past week or so have been a struggle with it, music is very choppy and sometimes refuses to play at all, no amount of restarting my network equipment or changing wireless channels will help.


I always control the PS4 app from either my laptop or my phone, and the app is sometimes very slow to react, however when i switch from my PS4 to my laptop or phone, the playback is fine, not at all choppy, perfect quality and i can use spotify connect between the two perfectly. I have no idea what could possibly be causing the PS4 app to slow down the way it does, so any help would be great.



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I've had this problem too of songs either not playing or just cutting out as if it is buffering, but buffering beyond belief. If I let a 3 minute song play it would take about half an hour!

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