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Hi guys,


I downloaded Spotify for PS4 and have 30 days free trials. As a reflex of all subscriptions, immediatly after downloading I got in to PS4 settings and deselected the automatic subscription renewal.


What is happening now is that I want to get my subscription back and activate the automatic renewal. What happens is:


1, If you try to do that on Spotify website, it tells me to go to PS4/PSN media settings;

2, If I use my computer, log on my PSN, go to Media, select Spotify app, I can see info about when is going to expire, but I can (there is no option) activate my subscription back again;

3, If I try to go to PS4, settings, PSN account, Services and select Spotify, I get the same info displayed, but no option to renew my subscription.


Any advices?

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