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[PS4] Playlist Problems

[PS4] Playlist Problems

I use Spotify on my PS4 while playing games and to just mellow out. Recently I've noticed that's it skips certain songs in my "Recently Saved" playlist for no apparent reason at all. Sometimes it skips a single song and other times it skips upwards of five songs and these are songs I actually want to hear sometimes. My PSN is Resurrected01 and my Spotify username is I'll attach a screenshot of my version number in this post if that helps.
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I also have recently had a problem where the app will stop playing music due to an ad trying to play and it plays but it plays incorrectly (for some strange reason that I can not re create for the life of me but it's happened 5 times in the past two days) and the add will be stuck at 30 seconds or however long the ad is and the only way to fix it is force close the app on my phone and close the application on my PS4 which is annoying while playing the game especially. Just trying to make that known

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