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[PS4] SHuffle only selects first several songs in a line

[PS4] SHuffle only selects first several songs in a line

Okay, so here's my issue:


I have a ton of albums on my Spotify for PS4, however, when I go and click shuffle, it will only select from the top few albums. if I start at the beginning of the first album it will select songs from the three albums or so after it. I've never seen anything from the other end of the list. I can listen to all albums of music on the PC so I don't know whats up.

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you can controle spotify on your ps4 from your phone which means you can shuffle it from there just go to settings and press connect to devices and press the ps4 that you're using.

Hey @Kylestien could you please post the exact steps you're taking so we can try to reproduce this? Are you experiencing this issue when you shuffle on other apps?

I just press pick a track and then use the shuffle option. it only shuffles so far though. If I have a album with a lot of music it will only select from that album due to it only going so far in either direction rather then selecting all of the tracks.


Step 1: Enter spotify/playsation app

Step 2: Go into my songs.

Step 3: Go to songs (NOT Albums).

Steo 4: Go down so it shows the records

Step 5: Select shuffle

Step 6: Get annoyed it only selects from one album despite not picking albums.

Also, no issue on PC and I use no other spotify. Just PS4.

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