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PS4 + Spotify Connect - Ads skipping tracks

PS4 + Spotify Connect - Ads skipping tracks

Hi all,


I think I have spotted a bug with the PS4 App using Spotify Connect but I would like this confirming if possible.


I have noticed that when adverts are played during the playback of a shuffled playlist or series of queued tracks that a number of tracks are skipped equal to the number of adverts played.


This is easy to reproduce (if a non premium member that is):

  1. Connect to the PS4 with Playstation Music and Spotify Connect (from an LG G4 running Android Lollipop in my case)
  2. Play a shuffled playlist or queue any number of tracks for playback.
  3. Wait for adverts to play
  4. If 2 adverts are played then 2 tracks will be skipped in the play queue this can be seen on the PS4 and in the Connect app as well as the unexpected playback.

If this is not a bug then I would say it is still rather annoying as a feature.


Look forward to any responses.

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Still no improvement for me 😞

Kind of rediculous that they haven't fixed this, yet! 😠

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