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PS4 Spotify Connect Issue

PS4 Spotify Connect Issue




I'm not sure where should I ask this question because I couldn't find the console help category.


I have a problem with other people using my Spotify. While playing on PS4, random people can connect to my PS4 Spotify with Connect and start playing music. I asked my friends for help and some of them said that yes, they can see my console in Spotify Connect and are able to use it. However, not all can see it including me. I searched the Internet for help and found that people in my local network can indeed do that (I was using the Internet provided by my University). So I changed to my own router, but that did not solve the issue. How can I fix this so that other people can't connect to my PS4 Spotify? Right now I'm thinking of uninstalling Spotify because I don't want others streaming music through it - they can't even hear it, but they know it bothers me.


Thanks in advance



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Hey @letmeaskaq.


Thanks for getting in touch!


When you connect a PlayStation with Spotify to WiFi, all users on the same network will be able to change your music. When you connect a router to another router, it will still be the same network so people will still be able to change your music.


Depending on your router, it could be possible to not have your internet mix with the internet in your university. It's best if you reach out to your routers manufacturer, or look through the routers documentation for options.


Hope it will work! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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