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PS4 Spotify Keeps Stuttering Even In Single Player Games

PS4 Spotify Keeps Stuttering Even In Single Player Games

I have Spotify Premium and I am trying to play my music whilst gaming whether it be offline or online games and no matter what game I play, spotify keeps stuttering and it's super annoying. I do have a very slow connection of like 2mbps, but this never happens with my PC. It only stutters on PS4 and I do not know why it does this as it should not be doing this. Help? Sometimes it'll play fine and other times it won't, and sometimes it takes like literally 10 minutes for it to clear up and work smoothly and it's really annoying, especially when I'm playing a single player game like ZA4 and MC or even CoD. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Help?

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Hey @spikey369,


Thank you for keeping in contact.


In the article previously sent by @MihailY, Kenya doesn't appear on the list of available countries. This might be the main reason why you're not receiving updates on your PS4.


On the other hand, the sound quality can be changed from another device using connect while listening. But keep in mind that if the app on PlayStation is not available in your country, it might not properly connect to your PS4 (using the Connect feature) or the option could be grayed out.


Hope this clarifies things a bit. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.


We'll be on the lookout.

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Okay. FYI, everything works fine including Spotify connect. My PS is registered to the UK so I expect updates to come as normal. The ONLY issue is stuttering during game play. It doesn't stutter when am not ACTIVELY playing. Clearly, this is not a region issue. But anyway...


Thanks for the audio settings. So does that mean that selecting the quality on my phone sets the quality on my PS? Or is it only when am playing via connect? What's the default quality for the PS4 app btw?

Hey there @spikey369,


The audio quality on your PS4 largely depends on your sound system/ TV, but the Spotify stream quality is automatically adjusted based on your internet speed.


Changing the sound settings on your phone will only have effect while using Connect. The PS4 app doesn't offer sound quality controls for Spotify.


Hope this info helps.

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Yes, that clears things out for me. Thanks, Alex.

I have the same problem and I'm truly disappointed with the solutions that Spotify is offering us

This is truly pathetic service 

Just thought I can follow up with this. I recently changed my ISP and now everything works fine. On paper, the speeds of both ISPs are comparable but since I am don't have figures from my personal tests I am not sure what changed. Anyway, those having this issue could maybe check their ISPs, maybe that's where the problem is. Good luck. 

Idk what you mean by ISP. Could you please explain?? I can only listen to my music with Spotify's Quick Menu open without any stuttering.

Nevermind but I really can't change my Internet Service Provider because I really can't afford anyone else so there has to be a better and more reliable solution 

Ok what worked for me is changing the DNS Primary to and the DNS Secondary to in the Network Settings on PS4 and now it's not stuttering while playing any games. I'll update on it if it starts again after awhile. Hopefully this will help someone with this problem. Good Luck!!!

any update? i dont know why its stuttering, i have spotify on ps4 for almost 4 years and it never happened, i dont know what is wrong with it its super annoying

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