[PS4] app slows down internet

[PS4] app slows down internet


My internet speed is usually around 50-70mbps, but when opening the PS4 spotify app, the speed drops down to about 0.01-0.2mbps... this not only makes it impossible to listen to music, it also makes it impossible to even browse the internet on any other devices on the network.


I've tried reinstalling the app which worked temporarily, but the problem was back the next day. Restarting the PS4 also didn't help.


What is spotify doing that causes the whole network to become almost unusable??
Or is this something I should take up with my ISP?

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Hi @Andarunia! I’m sorry to hear that you think Spotify is slowing down your WiFi speeds. Will you make sure that nothing else could possibly be causing this slowdown? Does it happen with different accounts?

You may want to see your ISP about this.


I'm pretty sure it's the PS4 spotify app causing this, as the effects are pretty immediate when using the app. This is what I've been doing:


  • Test internet speed, speed ok
  • Open ps4 app and try to play music, test speed again, speed very slow
  • Quit ps4 app, test speed again, speed ok
  • Repeat

I don't have access to any other accounts to test them on the ps4, unfortunately.

I have tried it with different apps though, and I have no problem with spotify on mac, iphone or ipad - just the ps4.


I get the same symptoms running spotify on Windows 10 laptop.  I can run speedtest and get 32Mbit/sec, after a while running Spotify app, I start getting drop-outs.  Check speedtest & I'm down below 1Mit/sec.  Just for comparison a speedtest from a different device on the same network gives 32Mbit/sec (so it's not the internet connection or router slowing things down).  Stop Spotify & re-run speedtest on laptop and the speed goes back up.   Interestingly the same thing happens with iTunes (I have my iTunes library on a NAS drive) - so here there's no internet connection involved, just streaming files from the NAS

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