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PS4 in Israel

PS4 in Israel

Hey guys,


Can not find the PlayStation Music on my PS4, is that due to my location?


We do have Spotify now but could not link it to my PS4.



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I think we need bit more information on why you can't link a Spotify account to PlayStation Network account. Could you please describe in details what's wrong?



There is just not Play Station Music App on the PS4 so there is no way to
link to Spotify.

I think it could be due to regional limitations by Sony.



You will be prompted to link your Spotify and PSN accounts as soon as you login to Spotify. There is no need to download any external application.

Hope this helps. 



Same issue here. 

says it is not availbale 

Same here


Same here

Same here, can't find the spotify app on the store.

Hey @shaitoni @papigers @cactus3 @Amigo42 @didoma  


If all of you guys are from Israel, Spotify is relatively new in Israel. It is possible that Spotify and Sony hasnt created the platform needed for its compatibility in Israel. From what i have read in other places, there are rumors that there is a release date. However i havent been able to locate the source. 


Sorry i couldnt be of any help..


Happy Listening


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