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PS4 missing radiostations

PS4 missing radiostations






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 So today I decided to install the Spotify app on my PS4, so tht it's easier for me to play my music via my TV (as I have no soundbard or anything else with decent speakers).

Seeing I'm a big fan of heavy metal, I wanted to play the heavy metal radio station I always listen to via the PC and mobile clients.. and to my surprise there is no radio stations on the PS4 app?

Am I missing something on there or is there no way to select a radio station on there, forcing me to start it via my phone or laptop and then selecting the PS4 as device to play from

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Hey @Hellkith! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Unfortunately, there is no radio feature for the Playstation right now.

But there is already an idea for this going.

Be sure to give it a like to show your support. ^^



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