PS4 - music stutters/stops

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So, for 30 seconds it plays fine, then the music disappears, but the track time goes as usual. Then in a couple of seconds, sometimes tens of seconds, music appears again. It happens 100% of the time. PS4 is on the default settings, connected via HDMI to a TV. Internet cinnection, I guess, is fine, no issues on other devices. The country and everything else is Polish.


That's obviously a bug, it needs to be fixed.PS4, Other

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Hey there.


I'm really sorry to hear that.


Have you tried to improve your Wifi connection? If the device is connected with Ethernet, try to reinstall Spotify app and re-login into it. If you use Wifi, please try with Ethernet also if possible. It really should stream without problems.


If you still need help after that, let me know.


Many thanks for your time.




Jyrziu :d

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My PS is 30cm from the router, it's fast. Probably the connection is not perfect, it's cable, but I don't experience any problems elsewhere. Why can't the program download and cache the whole song?

I have had this same problem tonight. It plays fine and then stutters through the song for a while. It's very annoying....


Hi, the same thing is happening to me.... it wont even play a single song without stuttering through it.
My internet is fine, there is no problem with its speed or connection or distance to device. it is just happening with spotify.
and seeing i am paying for spotify premium... i am not overly happy about this

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It's a bug known since autumn at least! Spotify will you finally do something about it? If I want to play a song on spotify (wired with my hi fi system) through spotify connect it fails every time. You have to choose an album, choose a song, and hit Play button at least 20x times (LOL!!!). If it starts playing, pray it will end the album till the end! If you want to change the album, repeat the process, 10-20 times hit Play like a madman.


Reinstalling the App didn't work, creating new PS4 account and installing there also didn't work



It is really dissapinting Spotify, I am convincted that you are aware of this issue and done nothing yet


Will you at least give us ANY solution?

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I can add that upon investigation it looks like it's something to do with the way the downloaded cache is being delivered and read.

The audio from the PS4 sounds like it's trying to resample 100's of times per second and creating buffer underruns.

I initially thought it might be a corrupted download but deleting the app as others have suggested isn't effective as I don't think it is removing any "cache" per se.


No other apps or games are running on the PS4 and playback issues are experienced when using an iPhone using Spotify Connect and directly with the PS4 interface. All other devices using the same network experience zero playback issues.

Looking closer at the location of the connected Spotify server revealed a consistent 220-240ms duration. All other devices using the same network experience zero playback issues. I blocked that server and restarted the PS4 and checked the connection again. This time the PS4 connected to a different Spotify server at a 10ms destination! The data delivery was completely different bursting to approx. 100KB/s dropping down to as low as 5KB/s. The audio was flawless. Problem solved!

OR, so I thought... within a few minutes the PS4 Spotify app jumped to a new server connecting at 220ms and the stutter/jitter quickly returned.

When looking at the location of the servers the PS4 specifically is choosing to connect to, they are just too far away… aka not even in the same country (Australia -> Sweden)


So... Spotify, please look at your location services and tweak your latency algorithm for connection determination for the Sony App.

I can confirm that all other devices on the network connect to the ‘local’ 10ms Spotify location service based servers and maintain a persistent connection with no issues.




I have since played with blocking Spotify server ranges to see how the various clients handle the server negotiation process and believe that the song needs to be considered 'present' and available to be sourced from the local location based service server. Songs I had played in my playlists were often being sourced from the local 10ms destination. New songs however that were not considered mainstream and possibly rarely; if at all, played in my local region were being sourced from the US (I am in Western Australia).


What I did notice was the Windows Desktop client handled the latency differently, posting a message in a blue bar "Can't play the current song." with a pause to allow re-buffering. Once the song had played in its entirety there were no future playback issues due to the way the Windows desktop client keeps a cache copy of the song to avoid re-downloading it the next time you want to listen to it... taking into consideration your cache settings.


The iPhone seemed to keep a cache copy also with the song being played a second time not involving a full re-download of the data, although… the iPhone had a 98% hit ratio for playing songs; even never before heard and as obscure as possible, from the local servers using the same network? I’ve seen the “can’t play current song" before but wasn’t able to get it to display.


I suspect the PS4 handles latency poorly and literally tries to play the stream regardless of fragmentation resulting in up to seconds of the stream at times being dumped and re-requested; hence the chronic jitter. Once the song completes on the PS4, it doesn't seem to be kept and the awful jitter will be present the next time you attempt the listen to the track.

Maybe the problem is as I suggested right at the start? The problem with the PlayStation Spotify App may be to do with the cache, lack there-of and buffer handling all thanks to the latency created by the absence of; or selection to play from, a local file repository server crippling it?

Sorry for the long winded post - I hope this helps in some way!

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Hi Spotify,


Thanks for update 1.03 🙂

It believe there has been some improvement, but it is still not quite right.  When songs selected are played from local country servers, ie <50ms, the PS4 is able to play tracks nicely (if they start playing - I feel like this is a similar issue others have reported with tracks not playing until they are selected several times). When playing a song that is streamed from a US server; with a ping time on average >200ms, for the most part play back is better but the PS4 client struggles all beit with far less jitter than 1.02, but still enough to be unacceptable. Just to clarrify, I am using the same ADSL broadband network connection for the iphone, PS4 and PC with all other traffic isolated for good measure. The higher latency connections for songs are no problem for the iphone or the PC.