PS4 stuck on the loading screen

PS4 stuck on the loading screen


Hello all,

I've changed accounts with Spotify and as such I don't have access to my previous account anymore. My PS4 however, is (I think) still logged in as that one, since I cannot open Spotify ever since then, getting stuck on the Spotify logo.

I've already sent word to Spotify, but I've so far not received a response yet; is there anything I can do myself to fix this? It'd be a shame if I have to quit Spotify over this, because this is the only platform I use it on.


I'm on Spotify version 2.07.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I've the same problem and the culprit is the same, account linked thats not in use anymore.


There is an workaround though, you can use spotify connect through your smart phone and it'll let you use your new spotify account through that provided that the phone and ps4 are connected through the same internet.


This doesn't allow you to use the ps4 program. And when you go through your ps4's quick menu (access by pressing the ps button on controller) to the spotify tab it asks to link spotify accounts. This however seems to be a dead end with it throwing errors about not being able to connect. Dead old link perhaps? Who knows.. Hope we'll get a more permanent solution soon, seeing as theres the -10% offer going on!

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