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Paid for premium but still showing free

Paid for premium but still showing free

I was charged for premium, but I am still showing free. I have tried everything they said to try and it still doesn't work.
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Hello @Dimodon, Welcome to the Community!


I recommend reaching out to Spotify Support. They can be reached through their Twitter Handle @SpotifyCares, Facebook Page Spotify Cares, or through the online contact form.

If you submit the contact form instead of the Twitter or Facebook Message, make sure to check your inbox and junk folder for an email from Spotify.





I tried everything they sais and it still isn't working.

@Dimodon, what have you already tried to solve this problem?

I tried uninstalling and reinstall, I tried restarting my phone and
everything. And the charges are showing up on my bank statements.

No its not it is saying free

@Dimodon, than you are not logged into the same account as you have purchased Spotify  Premium with.


So you should log out of the website and log back in with your other account. Another account could also be a Facebook account.

I only have one account

@meahtenoha / @Rorey, could you please help me to solve this problem.

Hey @Dimodon. Our support team will need to help you out with this issue. Please get in touch with them at this link.



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