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Parrot ASTEROID smart

Parrot ASTEROID smart


Are you going to support parrot astroid smart again?, since its the only reason i got premium? 

42 Replies

I agree, it is the main reason why I'm still paying my monthly fee! Please continue the support on Asteroid devices!

Same here! Will cancel subscription if it won’t be fixed soon. 

Yea I Also have Premium to use it on my Parrot  Asteroid 😞 . Daniel

Same here. I will cancel my subscription if it is not solved soon.

Same problem here! 😞 

Dear Spotify, the reason I bought a $600 stereo (Parrot Asteroid) is because it has the ability to play Spotify without my smartphone. 

Please! Please! Don’t stop supporting this platform. We are thousands of loyal Spotify users paying premium in order to enjoy our music in our stereo





Really this isn't ok, we put up with the extremely outdated apps but for apps to just cease to work!  And Spotify was one of the main reasons I bought this head unit.

Same for me. If I can't use spotify Premium on my Parrot Asteroid Smart anymore, I will have to cancel my Spotify Premium subscription.

If you want to continue being the leading music streamimg supplier you must accept having to support various platforms! Get to work.

The same here. I have a message that i need a premium account and i have it. Solve this problem please.

Hey, folks. The reason the Spotify app isn't working is because Parrot built their own version of the Spotify app based on something called LibSpotify. 


Spotifyannounced last year that LibSpotify has been deprecated and eventually would not be allowed to access the Spotify service anymore. That time has come, hence why you can't access/login to Spotify using the app Parrot built on any of their devices. In my case, it is the $1,300.00 Volvo Sensus Connected Touch upgrade...built by Parrot. 

I'm like you!...i buy a new music equipment without cd charger for listen music with my Spotify Premium!.....whats's a joke..!!



Parrot doesn't want anything to do with Spotify and now Spotify doesn't want anything to do with Parrot...

Like all of you all I too bought this head unit mainly for music streaming...

I have to Bluetooth it...pain in the **bleep**


Same problem as the rest of you guys.

But while I was messing around with the parrot and trying to figure it out,

i saw there was a app called Deezer that was available to download.

after googling it a little, I decided to give it a try with a 30 day free premium trial.

after trial period it was 9-10$ a month I believe.

this is my third day with this new music app, and so far so good.

it seems like the music library and amount of songs is as good as Spotify , it has a good layout and I haven’t really found anything negative about it yet.

if it will continue to work good for the rest of the trial period, i’ll probably just end my Spotify premium membership since it kinda looses it whole purpose when I need to operate it through my phone.

thumbs up from me anyway.

Can you explain how did you download Deezer? The app doesn’t appear in the Parrot Asteroid Market.


Download the APK from your computer and then install it in the parrot using the SD

But it doesn’t show in the computer either. Can you provide the link to the download?

You can do the same for Spotify.  In many ways the app is better than the Asteroid version as well.  One big downside though is that it doesn't let you use the app while moving unless you root your device.

For me it appeared in asteroid app market as an available app for download.

i had to make an account on my computer first since I couldn’t do that on the parrot, 

then I just logged on with my user name and password and that was it.

but I have no clue if it is any restrictions regarding region/country or something like that.

i live in Norway btw.

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