[Partnership] Play the most popular version of a song when I request a song from Google home

[Partnership] Play the most popular version of a song when I request a song from Google home

When I request a song from Google, here's what I ask:

"Play this song x,y,z"
What it hears:
"Play the most esoteric mix of x,y,z"

For instance - this happened
"Ok google, play 'Hold my hand by Unkle'"
"Ok, playing 'Hold my hand from spotify'" it responds.
(proceeds to play 'Hold My Hand - Ame Live Remix' with 53,000 listens)
(doesn't play 'Hold My Hand' the original with 3.2 million listens)

Why did it pick the remix given the ambiguity?  I can't say "not the remix" into google.  I figure asking for regular should just play the most popular version and it wouldn't be too crazy to drop a .sort in the song selection.

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Hi @bippi,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


We've moved your post to this help board where we can give you more information about this.


We're aware of issues that can come up when giving voice commands. The developer team working on this is continuously trying to optimize API integrations to make these disruptions occur as little as possible. 
However, it's important to note that we only provide the API by which the Google Assistant connects to the Spotify catalog and commands what to play, so this isn't something that's fully on our control so we can't commit to a fix or an implementation for this.
Let us know if you have any questions.
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