Pausing on PS4…

Pausing on PS4…









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I have the issue of spotify pausing songs. It does it on iOS for me as well, but more often ps4. I’ve tried all suggestions I could find on this site, but it hasn’t solved my issue.


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I should mention:

- Everything is updated to current versions. 

- I’ve tried restarting apps, the whole system, and rediwnloading, restarting wifi and connections. 

- I’ve tried not playing on two devices. 

- Tried closing all apps before starting a song

- Spam clicked triangle 

Hey @milomackai,


Thank for reaching out and kudos for trying so many troubleshooting steps yourself.


As a next step, we'd recommend making sure your account is secured in order to exclude the possibility of unauthorized access. If the issue persists, let us know if this happens with specific content like podcasts or music only.


Keep us posted.

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