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Philips Fidelio A9 AW9000 stopped playing Spotify

Philips Fidelio A9 AW9000 stopped playing Spotify

Since several weeks my Philips speakers stopped showing playlists in Spotify. I'm still able to use the "find" function to listen to music. But none of the playlist will load,even not the suggestions of Spotify.

I did try all the things Philips suggested in their forum on this item. 

Finally I created a Free Spotify premium account. And with this account I was able to create new playlists and listen to this playlists on my Philips Fidelio speakers.

So there is nothing wrong with my Android tablet and phone. And it seems also nothing wrong with my speakers. There are no upgrades since a very long time on my Philips speakers (unfortunately).


My conclusion : There is a change within Spotify that's causing this problem on many users of this kind of Philips speakers.


How to solve this problem ?

4 Replies


I have exactly the same; the playlist will not load. 

Have you been able to solve it?

Spotify.Com can you give us the answer?

On 18-02-17 14:19 I got an email from Spotify Customer Support.

In this email : Thank you for your email, we are working on this issue.

As soon as we have more infromation we will contact you.


Hope they will come with an solution, beside this Spotify forum, also the Philips forum has several items on this problem.

same problem; this is very annoying!

@spotify, @philips: please solve this issue.

many thanks in advance

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