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Philips smart-TV

Philips smart-TV



I have problem with Spotify on my Philips Smart TV.


Spotify stops evey now and then, normally Spotify plays through one song and then stops, but some times two songs and even three songs plays before spotify pause.


I have a premium account.


I run internet with a cable 100/100.


I have logged out an in and even uninstalled and reinstalled spotfiy and the problem still is not solved.


The problem occurs both with playlists and when I play songs from a search.


My TV is a Philips 48PFS5709/12 and I live in Sweden.


Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.

40 Replies

Hi!i have the same problem with spotify on my philips aswell, is it thetv or spotify thats makes it stop! do you have any solutions

I also have this problem on my Philips smart-tv. Any suggestion, anybody??

I have exactly the same issue on my recently bought Philips smart tv 32PFK6509/12. I have contacted Philips and they stated that it is a Spotify app issue, to be resolved by Spotify. Please fix this annoying problem!

I have a Philips 55 PFL 6008S and it's a similar problem to the one described above. The difference lies in that I cannot play any song. Others can play a song one time and after that nothing. It was working before and by that I mean about 4 weeks ago.

I have done the exact same thing as Jessie_K uninstalled reinstalled, logout and login.

Hi all,

I have the issue that on my Philips Smart TV the app doesn't properly play the music anymore. It used to work fine before but since a week or so it doesn't work anymore..

Retro steps:
1. Open Spotify
2. Go to a playlist (any playlist)
3. Select a song, and then it should automatically start but it doesn't. The play icon is changed to the pause icon which indicates that it should be playing, however, the time bar sticks at 0:00..

Grateful if anybody can help me with the above - I already logged out, logged in, deleted and reinstalled the app. Nothing seems to work. Also not sure whether there is a way that I can update my App through the Smart TV?

Thanks in advance,

Brian the problem you describe is the exact same problem I have! Hopefully Spotify will fix this issue very soon as there are many people with the same or similar problem!

I just got a Philips Smart TV 32PFK5509/12 and have exatly the same problems : one or two songs are played in a playlist and then it blocks. Hoping that Spotify will rapidly fix this problem.

I am actually in contact with Spotify about this problem. They have advised me to:

- re-install the app

- reset the modem/router.


But this is all useless. I will update you further when Spotify comes to a solution. Progress is slow.

Hi all,


I also have the same problem as you.

Here is my latest answer soo far from spotify support (one week ago).

"We have now passed it on to one of our technical guys for your and they should be in touch soon"

Thabk you for the update Berka. I'm in the same position as you. Let's hope Spotify finds a solution soon! I'll update here whenever the problem is solved.

/ Grecho

i have a question for the people who own or have experienced Spottify Connect on the new Philips Android based Smart TV's. Is it possible to get sound from the TV's digital output to a soundbar whilst the TV is in standby mode?

See your manual par. 24.1: "Screen off".

More precise instructions: press "Stettings" on Remote Control. Then "Eco settings" then "Screen off".

Can the TV do automatic switching to the Spotify Connect source when you start playing something? What I am hoping for is to have an automated way to feed the sound comming from the TV's Spotify Connect source into a sound bar such as the Sonos Playbar, without the TV display being on. A fully automated process is what I prefer but I am prepared to use some IP-control if that is the only way to make it possible.

Any insight on such a scenario would be greatly appreciated!

I wanted to use my Philips smart TV as a media-player but the Spotify app does't work. Spotify Support appears to be unable to solve this issue. I cancelled my Premium subscription and I am moving to Deezer. Good luck to you all.

Hello again, I have now an answer from Spotify Customer Support regarding this issue.

"We've informed Philips of the issue and they are now investigating further. They should have a solution in place shortly."

So I hope they will find the solution soon.




I have a Philips 55pus8809. Started up the spotify app, connected with my Samsung s5, but the sound quality is really poor. I have 60/60 connection, an awesome router, and cable connected to mye sound system is optical.  


Anyone know what could be the issue?


Same problem!!
I've got the ambilight 42pfl7008k.
Model from last year.
Downloaded the app on smart tv and started tot login.
At first i was wondering, it was because of my premium account, or whatsoever.
I could see my playlists, but no songs are actually played. Only the pause button, and that's it.
My neighbor tried to login, same story. Allthough he can login and play music on his philips ambilight tv @ home. (Different type 2014).
I tried everything, wifi was connected, software up to date, reinstalled etc. None of this got me any further.
Called with philips, one week ago, and told me the problem could be in the spotify app for my tv. So advices me to contact spotify.
Also did reaction.
It's a pity that, after so many complaints i read here, it's still noy fixed yet!!
Hopefully there will be better results soon!!

Sadly I have the same issue. Reading that I'm not the only one experiencing it is helpful in that I won't spend any more time in trying to resolve it, knowing the issue lies with the app.

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