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I have problem with Spotify on my Philips Smart TV.


Spotify stops evey now and then, normally Spotify plays through one song and then stops, but some times two songs and even three songs plays before spotify pause.


I have a premium account.


I run internet with a cable 100/100.


I have logged out an in and even uninstalled and reinstalled spotfiy and the problem still is not solved.


The problem occurs both with playlists and when I play songs from a search.


My TV is a Philips 48PFS5709/12 and I live in Sweden.


Thanks in advance for any help in this matter.

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Same problem. Is there any news? Why is the bug stil not fixed?

Same problem here.
My workaround:
Share mobile screen to TV. But it only works perfekt when the TV and phone are close to the router

I have the same issue. Spotify plays but only one song at a time meaning there is no continuous play functionality. If this is an app issue, spotify please advise when will it be rectified? Having spotify on the TV was a big selling point so less than impressed that it doesn't work! Model is 32PFT5509/12

I have had a telephone conversation with the Philips Helpdesk.  They told me that  they are working for a solution.. but they could not tell when the spotify application is fixed. An unsatisfactory answer.Again, we must wait and wait.  Philisp sells under deceptive pretenses smart televisions. They must best honest and tell the customers that they have not a properly working spotify application. 

For reasons unknown to me, the app is now functioning normally. I haven't performed any updates or other maintenance.

Yes it works! I was one of the first to write in this forum and I can now say it works!


In order to get it working for you as well I recommend you to:


- Uninstall/remove Spotify from your Philips Smart TV
- Update your TV to the latest firmware

- Install Spotify and boom you'll be listening to music via your TV!


/ Grecho

Not for me. I have the latest update and reinstalling Spotify does not help. ( Phililps smart tv philips 40pfk5709/12 ) . 

Same problem here. Unistalled, updated, reinstalled. Nothing works. 

I have the same issue with very poor Sound via optical output when using the Spotify app. Did you find a solution?

Nope. Still same issue.

Any thing on this yet? ...

The app starts on my Philips tv, but when I start Spotify on my iPhone and select the Philips tv via the volume button it doesn't connect... 

here and there I see people advising to re-install the spotify app on the Philips tv, but when I search for Spotify in the Philips apps galery and the google appstore I can't find it... perhaps it's currently offline? 


I have the same problem in my Philips Smart TV, I'm very disappointed with this '1 YEAR PROBLEM'

I'm using Youtube instead and I don't pay for it! 

Must say everything works fine now. Apparently I didnt had the latest tv update installed, for which philips webcare did assist me quite well.. After this update the Spotify app was available on my tv again. Unfortunately it still didn't work properly, but after a few weeks spotify launched an update in the app store which fixed everything!


Meanwhile I changed over to Sonos sound system which works much better then the philips tv application for spotify 🙂 

Tell me more about The sound system?

Same here. Latest SW on Tv, spotify connect works but sound via optical output is bad. 

I have had the same issue with bad sound. My TV (Philip 55PUS8809) did just inform me that there were an update so i just updatet it today, and know it works like a charm with perfect sound. Finaly i dont have to power up the playstation to listen to spotify - very happy.

Just updated mine too, but the TV keeps resetting. Friends told me somethings the RESET button in the back gets hot when theTV is on for a long time, then it resets itself. Some of they SLAPPED the button in the back, and it worked. Mine didn't.

I have the very same problem, Spotify just stops after playing specific songs. I can reproduce the issue each time playing "CASTLE OF GLASS" by Linkin Park - when this song is done, the Spotify app will not switch to the next one. However, if I select ">>" and press "OK" on the remote, it will happily play the next song.


This is of course, not limited to this one song, I'm providing the name for reference.

I have the same issue. My smartv is 47PFG6809/78


Unfortunately all discussions to their support havent made it working.
Sad to admit but it was a bad decision to pick Philips smart TV. It is
super buggy Android-customized OS and horrible sound from audio outs.
I have assembled HTPC for sound and video and use this TV as a display.

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