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Pioneer VSX-S510 spotify connect

Pioneer VSX-S510 spotify connect

Good morning,

I’ve got a problem.

since last week Thursday I’m unable to use Spotify connect.

All apps have been reinstalled 

Network has been reset 

Pioneer has been reset

I log in, doesn’t matter where, can be iPhone, iPad or laptop and I can play music. 

I also can see my receiver in the apps. But as soon as I select the receiver it does not take over the connection as it did in the past.

What am I doing wrong?


3 Replies

I am experiencing the exact same problem. Spotify works on my phone and laptop, but not on Pioneer vsx S 510 it stopped working last week. Reason unknown. Does anyone have a suggestion? Have you solved it Ruurd?



See this thread here:


Supposedly Spotify no longer wants you to play on Pioneer Receivers using Spotify Connect. 😞

The Spotify custom integration will be completely removed from the following models of Pioneer speakers:

XW-SMA1, XW-SMA3, XW-SMA4, VSX-923, VSX-828, VSX-823, VSX-528, VSX-S510, VSX-70, VSX-43, VSX-1023, VSX-1028, VSX-1123, VSX-1128, VSX-8231, SC-1223, SC-1228, SC-1323, SC-1328, SC-1523, SC-1528, SC-2023, SC-71, SC-72, SC-75, SC-77, SC-79, SC-LX57, SC-LX77, SC-LX87, X-SMC55, VSX-1124, VSX-44, VSX-80, VSX-1129, VSX-924, VSX-824, VSX-529, SC-LX58, SC-2024, SC-1224, SC-LX88, SC-81, SC-LX78, SC-85, VSX-1024, VSX-1029, SC-82, SC-87, SC-89.


Experienced the same problem. Since the information given in the above mentioned article was wrong in a former revision (it said something like "you can still listen to your music on your device using bluetooth" - the VSX-S510 has no built in bluetooth!), I did contact spotify via chat. The result was a lot of resetting (which I already did before) and the outcome was NULL, but hours of effort. They said all they did was to remove spotify support from the proprietary (pioneer? control) app, but that spotify connect should still be functional at the device (I'm afraid we know better 😉

My application for support from pioneer/onkyo was neve answered. I'm looking for a new slim line AV receiver. To avoid the same problem in the future: Are there slim line components available other than pioneer or onkyo receivers?

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