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Play an entire album...?

Play an entire album...?

Is there a way to play an entire album?


I am using Web Player on Chrome with a Premium account... admitedly a fairly new and very frustrated user.


I browsed up an album and pressed play on it. The 1st song played fine. After the 1st song finished, the next song it played was some seemingly random song from a playlist I may have selected some tiume previously.


In addition the picture and song title still seemed to be showing the 1st song! At one time, I couildn't determine what was playing and X'd out and brought it back up.


Is there a manual for Spotify?


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.





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Answering your easy question first, the issue with the cover art is normal. This can be caused by network issues and really only usually happens on webplayer for me as well. The album issue really depends on how you got to it. I found it never happens to me when I go to artist then click on one of their specific albums. If you have any other questions about using spotify, message me. Being new is the worst.


Hope this helps


Thanks for responding. I think I understand what you mean re the cover art&title.


Regrading being able to play an entire album... it seems like maybe you have to add it to a playlist before you cand play the entire album. I had thought I would be able to just click on an album and play [preview] the entire album before deciding if I wanted to in fact add it to a playlist.


Perhaps I am missing the method and concepts of using Spotify. Hopefully the proper procedures will come to me and make it easier for mew to use it.


Thanks again



I too have been unable to mentally track along with the idea of the Spotify methodology. ...especially when attempting to play a full album.

Example : Supertramp Breakfest in america. I find and select the album, but the "list of songs" is about 3 times what is actually on the album.. I'll get most or all the originals .. but seeded in there is "2010 remastered", ..songs that I know are NOT on the album (they are on a different supertramp album) etc... All told Spotify seems to think there are about 25 songs on 1 vinyl LP (lol). 

Example #2: Peter Gabriel "SO" album when I ssearch for the album a 3rd party compliation somes up instead (I know the original album art and that isn't it). If I pull up the artist , THEN select the so album .. the correct artwork does appear, but Spotify thinks there is only 1 song on the whole album.  I'm using the lastest Android update on a 7.0 Andriod phone.   Any help is appreciated .. great service, but frustrating interface.  I think tehy need a Ux expert to lend a hand.




Hey @ourmandan


Info about albums is provided to Spotify by artist / labels.


However, I went to check the albums you brought up:

1. When I searched for Peter Gabriel's album 'SO', it turns out that the album is mostly unavailable (all but 1 track greyed out). Spotify has a setting that hides unavailable tracks, and if that's enabled, albums like SO do appear to have only one track. 🙂

Note: Spotify is not making albums unavailable itself, artists and labels decide that.


2. About Supertramp's 'Breakfast In America', I found a Deluxe Edition album with 22 songs. My local record store sells the exact same album, a 2CD record. 🙂
I do see this tendency where artists / labels make deluxe versions of their albums available on Spotify, and those editions ususally contain a lot of b-sides and stuff.
In short - no, Spotify doesn't think anything like this, it just shows information made available by the labels. 🙂


I do agree that these unusually large albums may confuse users. I have a hard time finding albums myself from artist pages that are crowded by various live recordings, but the thing is, it's the labels that make all that stuff available on Spotify.


Let me know if you have more questions, and I'll try to help 🙂

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